Current version:

Change Log - 22/04/2016

  • Allowing Simulation mode for agency accounts. Bets are not placed but validated only by the agency.
  • Importing MyOdds from external sources using .csv or .txt files - 01/01/2016

  • Adding WA as agency for betting
  • Allowing betting to multiple agencies including Fixed from Win/Place non-dutchbook - 24/11/2015

  • Adding UTAB as agency for betting
  • Saving user's required odds percent & runner marks for a race - 10/11/2015

  • Replacing RapidBet betting service with new TabStudio betting service
  • Allow create and submit Win/Place Dutchbook to multiple agencies
  • Applying the Exotics Dutchbook summary and view bets presentation to the Win/Place dutchbook calculation - 22/10/2015

  • Coloring the odds cells based on change in a timeframe of 1, 2 & 5min
  • Adding Runner Marking posibility on Singleleg and Multileg - 07/10/2015

  • Adding the used Estimated Dividend/Approximate for Dutchbook in the betting reports
  • New Approximates link for Quinella, Exacta & Duet - 24/09/2015

  • Smarter populating the dropdown "Odds for calculation" only with complete odds products which can be used for calculating Dutchbook bets and bet amount allocation.
  • Highlighting runners with odds higher than Required odds.
  • Reordering meetings on the home page sorted by country (Australia firt), then by venue name.
  • Minor changes in the reports.